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Worker’s Compensation covers medical bills and may pay weekly benefits. You may need to apply for the benefits, because your employer will generally not apply for you.

You must report your injury promptly to your employer, and see a doctor that your employer chooses, but you also have the right to get a second opinion, by way of a one-time change of physician. Under Arkansas law, you have up to two (2) years from the date of the injury, or only one (1) year after the last payment of benefits, to file a Worker’s Compensation claim.

The attorneys at Byars & Hall have been practicing insurance law for years, and know how to work with insurance companies to pursue successful claims, including:

  • Initial Claims, also known as Form C (for medical expense and wage loss)
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits (total disability and partial disability)
  • Appeals to the Worker’s Compensation Commission and Arkansas Appeals Courts
  • Reinstatement if your Worker’s Compensation coverage has been dropped.

We can also pursue benefits from the Arkansas Death and Permanent Injury Fund, which provides additional sources of coverage for a disabled worker or a worker’s family of an on the job injury resulting in death.

There are a number of important issues to consider for your future, including temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, and permanent total disability.

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