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A car accident can put even the most stoic people on edge. But if you let your nerves get the best of you, you could inadvertently damage your ability to recover fully for any damage or injuries you sustained in a car accident.

Follow these simple ten tips to protect yourself after a car accident in Arkansas:

1. Call the police.

When the officer arrives, be completely truthful and give a full, honest recount of what happened. It might be tempting to gloss over facts that seem to make you look bad, but this almost always backfires in the end. Tell the truth.

2. Stay calm.

It may be chaotic, so don’t let your jangled nerves take over.

3. Get information. 

Get all pertinent information, especially the names, addresses, phone numbers, and any other contact information for anyone who was involved in or witnessed the wreck. If you have a camera, take pictures of the accident scene (but make sure you’re not in the way of oncoming traffic or any of the rescue personnel). It’s also a good idea to sketch a diagram of the location and jot down what happened in your own words. Note the time of day, the weather, which lane you were in, what direction you were headed in, and any other relevant factors that might be important later.

4. See a doctor.

Sometimes, physical injuries from an accident don’t present themselves immediately. They may be completely internal in nature, and your body’s natural surge of adrenaline can mask pain or discomfort. It’s important to get properly checked out to ensure that you’re not seriously injured.

5. Keep a written log of all your symptoms and recovery efforts after the accident.

Include any changes in your sleep patterns, appetite, energy, pain levels, etc. This will help your medical providers provide better treatment as well as your attorney in preparing your case.

6. Don’t agree to anything.

Avoid making any agreements– especially in writing – with an insurance company adjuster or attorney representing any other person involved in the wreck, until you’ve spoken with an attorney of your own.

7. Get a copy of the accident report.

Make sure your attorney gets a copy, too.

8. Do not agree to be examined by the insurance company’s doctor. 

Always speak to your lawyer first before agreeing to any medical or other forensic examination.

9.  Be completely compliant with all your doctor’s instructions.

In other words, keep all your appointments, follow directions, and keep physical therapy appointments. Not being diligent about following “doctor’s orders” can give the other side ammunition in its attempt to lower your damages or avoid paying altogether.

10. Don’t delay in speaking to an Arkansas attorney.

Your rights can be seriously affected by the passage of time. Witnesses move or leave town, memories can fade, and deadlines imposed by the law can pass without warning. Call Byars & Hall today, or fill out the contact form here to schedule your appointment.