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Unfortunately, the physics and forces at work in a semi truck collision accident often cause very serious injuries or death.

The dangers inherent in the operation of these vehicles is the reason why 18-wheelers are regulated, and must meet the requirements of many federal laws. The violation of these regulations is often evidence of negligence and sometimes gross negligence or recklessness.

Victims of truck wrecks face expensive medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and often times a long recovery. Dealing with insurance companies and the health care payment system only adds to a victim’s mental suffering. Let our experience and know-how help to take some of the worry and difficulty away.

The law firm of Byars & Hall helps victims of truck accidents get justice – and just compensation for their losses, pain, and suffering. We understand the many different causes of a truck accident. Our Arkansas attorneys have the technical experience to evaluate the cause and the liability for severe injuries when there are violations of the law and negligence.

Truck drivers are on the road for hours at a time. They have to pay close attention to the road and their trucks at all times, because so much can go wrong with an 18-wheeler. One small mishap can result in a serious accident.

If you were in a trucking accident, there is a good chance you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can help you protect your rights, no matter what may have caused your accident, including:

  • Driver Fatigue
  • Equipment Failure
  • Driver Impairment
  • Tire Failure
  • Overload
  • Disconnected or Faulty brakes

Federal and State Regulations for Semi Trucks

There are both federal and state regulations that apply to all truck drivers. These regulations are in place to prevent trucking accidents, which are often the result of negligent actions such as driver fatigue and poorly maintained equipment.

All drivers are also required to keep a trucking log, which keeps track of their hours on the road.

State laws vary, but they are in place to protect against similar mistakes.

Wrongful Death Trucking Accidents

Have you lost a loved one in a trucking accident?

Because of the disparity between tractor-trailers and most road vehicles, accidents involving wrongful death are unfortunately all too common.

You cannot put a price on the loss of your loved one, but your family may now have serious financial concerns. We can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

When the injury is severe and complex, resulting in permanent consequences such as those associated with brain injuries or paralysis, we can assess the true extent of the loss to the victim.

Prevailing in difficult cases does not come easy. The insurance companies and their lawyers often strongly resist paying fair damages in 18-wheeler and truck accident cases.

Our attorneys have successfully obtained just compensation against trucking companies and their insurance companies.

We know how to settle and try personal injury claims involving 18-wheeler truck and bus crashes:

  • Our attorneys have been in practice, handling injury claims with combined experience of over 50 years.
  • We are very familiar with the laws that come into play regulating the commercial trucking industry.
  • We know the types of records that are supposed to be maintained by the trucking companies, and how to obtain them in your case.
  • We thoroughly investigate the accident and will retain the necessary accident reconstruction experts when needed.

In your case, we will put our knowledge, skill, and expertise to determine and prove the various aspects of negligence that may be involved.

Truck Driver Negligence: Was the truck driver still driving and fell asleep due to fatigue from too many hours on the road? Speeding to meet deadlines? Attempting to beat the train at the railroad crossing?

Trucking Company Negligence: Is the trucking company at fault because it required its drivers to log too many hours? Does it have negligent hiring practices? Does it fail to monitor or properly train its drivers and maintain its equipment?

Other Negligence: Sometimes semi truck accidents are caused by defective truck equipment such as bald tires or defective brakes or dangerous road conditions or design. Let us investigate your accident and pursue all of the parties at fault for their negligence.

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In all accident cases, we work on contingency. That means you pay attorney fees only if your case is successful.

For a free initial consultation, use the contact form or call us at 479-494-1800 for any accident occurring within the State of Arkansas or Texas. The initial consultation is free, and there is never a fee on injury cases unless you win.