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Every year, dangerous and defective products cause thousands of injuries – many of them serious and even deadly.

If the producer of a product designs and manufactures a defective product, or if the producer should have known that it would fail, or pose a risk then those who suffer injuries or wrongful death because of the product’s failure, have the right to compensation for their losses.

In today’s legal environment, obtaining compensation for injuries may be easier said than done.

At Byars & Hall, we help get justice, and just compensation for victims of defective or dangerous products. In case after case, our lawyers have successfully analyzed the cause of failure or defect, established the liability of the manufacturer or other party, and gotten results for our clients. We know how to demonstrate causes of defects and failure – whether they be in design, mechanical function, materials, or assembly.

A simple incident, such as a tire blowout, may have complex causes and lead to serious or catastrophic injuries such as severe burns or permanent injuries such as paralysis.

Because a manufacturer’s potential liability is so high in these cases, manufacturers, their insurance companies, and their lawyers fight very aggressively to defeat products liability lawsuits.

Byars & Hall have strong experience in determining liability in complex and technical cases and we understand the full medical implications of serious injuries. Our attorneys have substantial experience in dealing with defective or dangerous product liability cases, and the know-how to obtain fair and very significant compensation for your injuries and suffering.

We take personal injury cases on a contingency basis. There is no fee unless you receive a settlement, or an award at trial. As in essentially every case, we prepare as if the case will go to trial, even though most cases settle out of court.

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